What are the prices for your products?

Regarding the Price:
The pricing of our garments is dependent on various factors, including the model, quantity, and fabric chosen. We offer a wide range of options with over 100 types of fabric available for you to choose from on our website.

We see customers demanding anywhere from 3,000 Euros for a t-shirt collection to 10,000 Euros for a 200-piece womenswear collection. It mainly depends on the difficulty of the clothes.

For Abayas and Hijabs we accept orders start from 1000 Euros

If you have a specific model in mind, you can simply send us a photo or provide the SKU/code from our website, and we will gladly accommodate your request. However, on average, our customers typically place orders within the price range of 10-16 euros.

How many pieces should I order for Abaya & Hijab?

Regarding the Quantity:
The quantity of garments you need depends on the type of garment and the fabric you choose. Here’s a breakdown:

A) For Abayas: To produce Abayas, we recommend purchasing one full roll of fabric per color. On average, each roll of fabric yields approximately 15-25 Abaya dresses (depends on fabric types).

B) For Hijabs: If you opt for special fabrics, the quantity 50-75 hijab (depends on fabric types). However, for popular fabrics like medine/jersey/crepe/chiffon/jazz, you have the flexibility to purchase a smaller quantity. You can order 5 or 10 pieces per color. However, please ensure that the total order quantity is not less than 70 pieces. 

Can you provide me a catalog of your products?

Certainly! You can explore our portfolio by visiting

It showcases our collection of garments and gives you a glimpse of our expertise and style.

Furthermore, as a sewing workshop, we offer customization services. If you have any specific drawings, photos, or sewing patterns that you would like us to work with, we would be delighted to create a sample based on your requirements. Your vision is important to us, and we’re here to bring it to life. 

Can you share a PDF catalog with me?

You can access our PDF catalog by clicking on the following link:

It offers a wide range of product information, showcasing our diverse collection of garments.

Do you have any special offers or sample packages available?

We are pleased to offer a special SAMPLE PACKAGE exclusively for valued customers (Limited Quantity). The package includes:

SEWING Samples: A selection of shawls to showcase our sewing quality.
ACCESSORIES Samples: Samples of underscarves and clips for you to assess their quality and design.
PACKING Samples: Samples of various packaging materials to give you an idea of our packaging standards.
FABRIC BOOK: A curated collection of 40 pieces featuring premium and popular fabrics. If you are interested in availing this package, please let us know, and we will gladly add you to the list. It’s a great opportunity to get a firsthand experience of our products and materials.

How does the fabric order quantity work?

When it comes to special fabrics, we recommend purchasing one full roll of the fabric/color. The quantity you order should align with the total length of the fabric roll, ensuring that you utilize the entire roll for your order.

For instance, let’s say your Abaya requires 3 meters of fabric, and the total length of the fabric roll is 90 meters. In this case, the minimum order quantity for that color should be 30 pieces to accommodate the entire fabric roll.

By following this approach, you can ensure consistency in the fabric used for your garments.

Can I request samples and prototypes before placing a bulk order?

We offer three options for samples and prototypes:

1. Prototype Service: We can create a prototype (1 sample) for you, and each prototype costs 50 euros. This allows you to see and evaluate the sample before proceeding with the bulk order.

2. Send Us Your Sample: Alternatively, you can provide us with a sample, and we will replicate it accurately to ensure consistency.

3. Confirmation Before Bulk Production: Once the order is initiated, we will send you photos of the initial production to double-check and confirm before proceeding with the bulk manufacturing process. This step ensures that everything is to your satisfaction and meets your expectations.

What is the length of the hijeb (shawl)?

The standard length for Medine ipegi and most other shawls is approximately 200cm x 75cm.

However, for jersey fabric, the length is slightly shorter at approximately 175cm x 65cm. These dimensions ensure a comfortable and suitable size for hijabs.

Can you provide me with the pricing details for your products and services?

1. Label: 1000 pieces for 89 euros. Any additional labels can be stored in our facility for future orders.

2. Tag (Embossed): 1000 pieces for 59 euros.

3. Fabric Catalogue: A collection of 40 samples showcasing the most popular and fast-moving fabrics, available for 29 euros.

4. Sample of a normal abaya: Priced at 50 euros.

5. Shipping for samples AND/OR fabric book: Shipping costs amount to 15 euros.

How much do I need to start?

Typically, we see customers demanding anywhere from 3,000 Euros for a t-shirt collection to 10,000 Euros for a 200-piece womenswear collection. It mainly depends on the difficulty of the clothes.

For Abayas and Hijabs we accept orders start from 1000 Euros

What are the minimum quantities I can order?

Minimum order requirements are 100 pieces per COLOR for 1 DESIGN and 200 pieces per ORDER .

The specific quantity will vary depending on fabric sourcing requirements and cost. We will communicate with you in advance, depending on the quantity, there is usually a 10% difference.

What are the holdups ?

It usually takes 3-4 weeks to complete. Delivery times are calculated on an estimate from the start date until the completion of production.

How much does it cost to make a sample?

Depending on the complexity of the sample style and fabric cost, we will charge a sample fee of 50-100 Euros per piece. When you place a bulk order for your style, we will refund the corresponding sample fee

What is your Fabric cutting information?

We have 2 size of fabric roles: (a) 150 cm width and (b) 180 cm width  

1. If customer request shawls size 74X200cm so, like the below photo customer will get 8 pcs of shawls 

2. If Customer request shawls size 100X200cm so, like the below photo customer will get 4 pcs of shawls (there is wasting of fabric a lot) 

> Same point for abaya
> Choosing the correct size will help you have a better price


What products can you manufacture?

We are able to make the following types of clothing: Hijab – Shawl – Bonnet – Turban – Underscarf – Abaya – Dress – Skirt

How is the process to make a sample?

1) We will start with fabric sourcing and confirmation. We will find fabrics according to your photos or information. The fabric will be sent to you or a photo/video will be sent to you for confirmation.
2) You can either send us an actual sample or a sketch or magazine photo to start the samples.
3) We will go over the details with you and start making patterns, sewing samples. The sample will be mounted by us and photos will be sent to you.
4) Once you review the sample photos and are satisfied with the sample, we will send the sample to you.

How do I get the sample fee refunded?

Sample charges will be refunded when bulk placing more than 100 pieces of the sampled design in the sampled color.

How does it work for bulk production?

After receiving the PO (purchase order) and deposit, we will arrange the bulk. BPS will be sent to you to approve bulk quality. Once the BPS is approved, the shipment will be released once the balance payment is finalized.

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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